The Learning Centre and Whānau Family Support Services Trust is based in Lower Hutt and is affiliated with Literacy Aotearoa Inc, the New Zealand Federation of Budgeting Services Inc and Ace Aotearoa.

Our aim

To provide and develop quality, accessible, non-judgemental services for families and individuals in need of literacy and budgeting advice, assistance and training.

To make a difference through being an inclusive, innovative whānau, that would enhance and represent people's lives and views by contributing, developing and delivering quality services to work colleagues, customers, stakeholders and management.

Our core values

We will make a difference by providing 'the right of all to learn' at no cost to the participant, in an honest, ethical, non-judgemental and confidential way.

We will boost the confidence of the community and by being interactive and respectful to engender faith, hope and trust to the communities.

We will focus on families as the centre stage of the basic learning unit and amplify diversity and diligence by being open, honest and ethical.

We will be committed to making a difference by observing and engaging in good practice that is worthy of imitation and expressing our willingness and enthusiasm to share and support all our skills and experiential knowledge with each other.

We will enrich the character of the organisation by honouring the history showing integrity, sincerity, empathy and understanding.

"Strengthening and invigorating individuals and families in budgeting, numeracy and literacy skills".

"We can make a positive difference".