About the programme

"It's about your story".

This is an in-house programme designed to support those who want to ‘tell their own story’ and leave it as a legacy to their family, friends, organisation, or for any other purpose.

Course content

At the Learning Centre you be will coached on how to answer the questions in preparation to telling your own story.


We have suitable equipment, and you will have help from one of our trained staff.


The Right Of All To Learn

Please refer to Article 26 on the Human Rights Commission website.

Tuition is at no direct cost to the learner and is confidential.

* Please Note - Some courses will only be held if we get enough interest in them. Please ring (04) 570 6020 to enquire about them.


We need trained literacy and numeracy specialists to help us with the demand for our employer and workplace programmes.

If you are interested, you can find out more information on our STAFFING page, or give us a call on (04) 570 6020. We would love to hear from you!