About the Programme

The Learning Centre has been approved by the Retirement Commissioner to deliver the Sorted seminars on Financial Literacy.

Managing debt

This Sorted seminar introduces participants to managing debt well. It takes an hour, and participants will start to make their own debt repayment plan.

Debt is what you owe — it comes in many forms, including mortgages, personal loans, credit card balances, hire purchase agreements, and loans from family.

Set your goals, make a budget

This Sorted seminar introduces participants to setting goals and making a budget. It takes an hour, during which participants will start to set their own goals.


Participants learn about how KiwiSaver works, who can join, what you need to think about before joining, and how to join.

You will receive the booklet ‘KiwiSaver – Is it right for you?’.

In delivering the seminars, we agree to be neutral and impartial. We do not endorse or refer people to products, services or providers, and we do not represent Sorted.

Our seminars are delivered at no direct cost to participants. Resources and booklets are free to participants.

Contact us on (04) 570 6020 or by email to whanau.group@xtra.co.nz, subject heading: ‘Financial literacy’.


The Right Of All To Learn

Please refer to Article 26 on the Human Rights Commission website.

Tuition is at no direct cost to the learner and is confidential.

* Please Note - Some courses will only be held if we get enough interest in them. Please ring (04) 570 6020 to enquire about them.


We need trained literacy and numeracy specialists to help us with the demand for our employer and workplace programmes.

If you are interested, you can find out more information on our STAFFING page, or give us a call on (04) 570 6020. We would love to hear from you!