About the programme

Māra Kai, Kete Kai, Kete Mātauranga and Papa Kainga are a series of workshops around the topic of Kai and sustainable practises.

The workshops are based on traditional and contemporary methods.

Māra Kai

Workshops include:


Principles include no dig, raised and container gardens, composting, planting calender, companion planting and pest control.


Learning how to stagger your planting and how to harvest what is ready.


Various ways to store the kai you grow from māra including preserving, dry storing and freezing techniques.

Saving Seed

How to save and store seed from your own māra kai and how to get new plants and fruit trees by way of division and cuttings.

Kete Kai

Workshops include:

Budget Cooking

What to do with "grow-your-own" kai.


How to start a food co-op with whānau and friends.


Going out to find kai such as puha, berries and wild fruits.


Overview of Māori medicine, where to find and how to prepare them.

Kete Mātauranga

Workshops include:

Business Opportunities

Exploring business ideas related to what you learnt from Māra Kai and Kete Kai workshops as well as business support and development techniques.

Energy Saving Tips

Ideas and techniques to save you and your family money.

Tips for New Home-Owners

Ideas and techniques when buying your first home.

Papa Kainga

Papa Kainga is a sustainability project and a living example of what you learn in all of the above workshops.

It is also the home of the Kete Kai Klub where a group of the past and present participants of the workshops meet and get involved in projects around the community.


The Right Of All To Learn

Please refer to Article 26 on the Human Rights Commission website.

Tuition is at no direct cost to the learner and is confidential.

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