About our budget advice service

The Learning Centre covers the following topics with budget advice:

Budget Planning

We will help you to develop a budget plan and provide strategies to help you balance your budget. Learn about variable and fixed expenses, weekly, monthly and annual expenses, and account for these in your budget plan.

Creditors ledger and debt schedules

Learn how to develop and manage a creditors ledger and keep track of all debts through schedules.


Learn to use a system to manage your income and expenses. You will be able to create a 12 week or 12 month cashflow plan to identify the high expense weeks and plan for them successfully.

Record Keeping

We can help you to develop a system to keep all your records in and develop a weekly, monthly and annual record keeping system.

Negotiating with creditors

We can negotiate with creditors on your behalf and when you are confident we can work by your side.


The Right Of All To Learn

Please refer to Article 26 on the Human Rights Commission website.

Tuition is at no direct cost to the learner and is confidential.

* Please Note - Some courses will only be held if we get enough interest in them. Please ring (04) 570 6020 to enquire about them.


We need trained literacy and numeracy specialists to help us with the demand for our employer and workplace programmes.

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